When people think about cosmetic nose jobs, they usually think about a rhinoplasty procedure which involves the surgical reconstruction of the bone and cartilage within the nose. This can be effective in situations where the nose is extremely disfigured or misshaped. But rhinoplasty also comes with a lot of potential risks, and side effects, which is why many people shy away from it.

Fortunately, there is a noninvasive and nonsurgical nose augmentation alternative called a nose thread lift. This procedure originated in South Korea, and it is designed to increase the definition of the nose by raising the nose bridge higher. It is purely a cosmetic procedure, so no health insurance provider will offer coverage for it. Anyone who wants a sharp-tipped nose and an augmented nose bridge should look into getting a nose thread lift done.

Nose thread lifts are so much safer than nose fillers. A lot of the chemicals used in fillers come with potential risks, including skin necrosis and blindness in rare cases. Plus, nose fillers require you to keep getting treated every 6 months if you want to sustain the results. Nose threads, on the other hand, do not require regular treatment.


What to Expect

The specialist inserts absorbable threads into the bridge of the nose to create the augmented effect there. A material called polydioxanone, or PDO, is used to make the threads. Biologically speaking, the human body can absorb 100% of the PDO material. That means the threads will dissolve over a specific period of time and won’t need to be removed manually. Each thread is anywhere between 3.8 cm and 7 cm.

Meanwhile, these super-thin threads will help stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts in order to make the nose look tighter, and the nose contours look more enhanced. It takes between 1 to 2 years for the PDO threads to dissolve in your nose tissue completely. Once they do, you won’t need to get more PDO threads inserted because your collagen and fibroblasts will be stimulated enough to sustain the existing results in your nose bridge permanently.

The specialist will be very particular in how they place the threads into your nose bridge. It will be done based on the definition, shape and height that you’re trying to achieve for your nose. All of this will be discussed during your initial consultation with the specialist. Some specialists can even create digitally enhanced images of your nose, so you can see what the possible outcome of the procedure will look like after it is done.

The average nose thread lift treatment session takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. The specialist will administer a local anaesthetic to make you more comfortable. Even though this is a noninvasive procedure, the specialist still needs to puncture your skin with the tip of a needle in order to insert the threads. The local anaesthetic is necessary to numb the nose bridge for this reason.

There is no downtime or recovery time after the nose thread lift procedure is performed. You can go back to resuming your normal daily responsibilities and activities as soon as you leave the treatment facility. Since there is no surgery involved, there are very little risks to worry about. Sterilized needles are always used to perform the procedure, so there is very little risk of infection.

There is always a small chance of infection as well as minor bruising, pain, and swelling on the nose bridge. But these side effects are uncommon and usually go away within days if present. If you notice that your nose bridge is slanted, then it is because the threads were not placed properly. You must choose a professional cosmetic specialist who is certified and trained to perform nose thread lifts. Then you can ensure that it will be done correctly on your nose bridge.



Nose thread lifts offer immediate results after the procedure and no downtime. How many cosmetic treatments offer you these benefits? Furthermore, the cellular rejuvenation aspect of the treatment is actually beneficial to the natural health of your nasal skin. This is an added benefit that you would never get from rhinoplasty or nose filler injections. Both of those procedures come with a plethora of risks and very few health benefits for your skin. Nose thread lifts offer you the best of both worlds because you don’t have hardly any risks, but you have a whole lot of benefits.

As for the cost of the nose thread lift procedure, it really depends on how many threads you need to be inserted into your nose bridge. The average cost is between $35 and $150 per thread. The exact size of the thread determines which end of this price spectrum you’ll be at. Since nose thread lifts require ultra-thin threads, you’ll probably be on the more affordable end.