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HIFU Facelift VS Threadlift – which is better?

Take a look at independent reviews of the HIFU treatment review (jamietyj at Cambridge Therapeutics) and a thread lift and you decide.

What is a HIFU Facelift?

HIFU is an acronym for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”. In a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment used on the skin, it can lead to a stimulation of collagen production. This increased collagen production does plenty of good to the skin, leading to greatly desirable effects such as skin tightening; fine lines are reduced or disappear, sagging skin regains a measure of firmness. As such, we have also seen many patients coming in to request for HIFU treatments not only on the face but on other parts of the body for body contouring.

HIFU treatment (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment) works by directing the ultrasound energy into specific skin layers called the SMAS layer. These SMAS layers in your skin are situated between the fat and muscle layers — the very same skin layers a plastic surgeon would operate on should you have opted on a surgical facelift treatment. The difference between HIFU treatment for facelifts and a surgical facelift is that HIFU treatments are totally non-invasive, non-surgical treatments. This also comes with the upside of totally avoiding the risks that come hand-in-hand with surgery: infection, swelling skin, scars and longer downtimes.

In Singapore, the convenience of HIFU treatments has earned it the endearing moniker as the ‘lunchtime facelift’ to go for. The treatment is highly popular due to the minimal discomfort it causes, low downtime and short treatment durations. Quick enough for you to get a non-invasive facelift done during your lunchtime at work, and still make it to that meeting looking great.

HIFU Treatment Facelift Experience Review

Jamie TYJ

All done! So I’m all done and my face is really ‘V’ now. So actually in the morning I was wearing brusher and contour, but now it’s all removed and my face still looks very ‘V’ so I’m actually really happy. I hate the lighting, but yaaaaa, it’s nice. Like not as fat already and it’s like evened out? But I have to like put antibiotic cream on like the jabs punctured I guess? So, yeah there’s no downtime because your hair covers everything.

For those of you who are interested in getting facelifts, here’s another experience to guide you on your journey – by Cecilia C.


What is a Face Threadlift Singapore?

In a face thread lift treatment, bio-absorbable threads are injected into strategic points of the desired region.

These bio-absorbable threads are able to stimulate collagen for the long term. The skin ‘lift’ effect is also immediately visible after the treatment.

This treatment requires the doctor or surgeon executing the treatment to have a good understanding of not only the effects of the thread lift(s) used, but also a keen understanding of his/her patient’s skin needs. In Singapore, where a large portion of the population is Asian, do remember to always look out for a doctor that can understand and consider the needs of someone such as yourself. Candid communication of what your expectations are will help the doctor/surgeon in bringing your dream to life.

If you happen to be deciding between a Face Threadlift and a HIFU Facelift, here’s a quick comparison on some of the factors that may help you decide which treatment would best for your skin needs.

HIFU Facelifts are able to give the benefits of the treatment to full coverage of the treated area. In this case, it would be the skin on the entire face. Thread lifts on the other hand, will only affect the skin in the treatment areas and the surrounding tissue. If you’ve have a fear of needles, then the HIFU treatment would be more suitable for you, as directing the focused ultrasound energy for treatments does not require injection.

Both HIFU facelifts treatments and Face Threadlift Treatments last about 1 year, but HIFU treatments may take 2-3 months before the full effect comes into play. If you’re looking for some immediate ‘lift’ for an important event upcoming, then you might consider Face Thread lifts a little more closely.

In the context of Singapore – pain, downtime and discomfort is a huge consideration when it comes to choosing treatments for sagging skin and fine lines in the facial skin. If this is one of your core concerns, HIFU treatment is probably what you would want to go for.

Read on to find out more on the Face Threadlift in Singapore.


Face Threadlift Review at Cambridge Medical

I decided to go with Cambridge Medical at Orchard. A few friends who have recommended this clinic. The doctor at Cambridge really helped! I was made to feel comfortable, talking to the doctor and having them explain the step-by-step processes of thread lifting, giving me assurance. (Thanks, Dr Lee!) The thread lift procedure that they use is also special in the sense – in that it is actually a V lift.

You might be confused with all the terms (facelift, thread lift, V lift). Basically, just think of a V lift as a thread lifting treatment that sharpens the chin creating a beautiful V-shaped face.

Cambridge Medical Group
Despite looking so high class, their prices are surprisingly AFFORDABLE!
Cambridge Medical waiting area
(They have an elegant reception and waiting area)

When I first entered I was very excited. The staff quickly offered me some warm green tea and started talking to me, putting me at ease.

Dr Lee soon came in and started explaining how my thread lift or V-lift will be done. He was very friendly and made sure I felt comfortable and confident before proceeding. That’s the one thing I like most about the doctor in Cambridge Medical. I feel that doctors shouldn’t hard sell to patients because, after all, it is our decision and our body. I’m glad I picked this clinic.

Notice my deep JOWL lines
Before: Notice my deep JOWL lines (Doctor making the markings on my face)

Step 1: The doctor starts with markings on my face. He designs exactly where the threads for the lift will go and how high the final facelift will be. The doctor will also let us know by simulating it and showing it to us in front of a mirror. I liked what I saw and I trusted him so I told him to just proceed.

The pink needles are called tornadoes!

Once ready, the nurses started cleaning my face and applying numbing cream in the treatment areas. At this point, the doctor came up to me and tells me to relax and not to worry too much. True enough, the numbing effect kicks in and I can’t feel anything at all!

Before I knew it, the thread lift was over. I did not feel any kind of bleeding or enlargement of anything. I must admit, at this point, I was rather shocked that the entire thread-lift process was so painless! And just like what Dr Lee was telling me! No downtime! And no side effects.

My Thread Lift Results

ONE Day after the V-face thread lift
ONE Day after the V-face thread lift

The result was beyond what I had expected, I was already happily snapping some selfies, haha. Notice how my jowls have almost instantly disappeared?

To close my eyes with something you don’t like, and in just 20 mins it’s all perfect…. The skin tightening process was on.


Now for those of you looking to try a thread lift in Singapore to slim down your face, you can try any Ultra V Lift out there, but I suggest you do some research first, consult MULTIPLE doctors before making a decision. Personally, I felt my experience was good and I would highly recommend Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge to those who are interested in this facelift. I will keep you guys posted on how things turned out for me.