“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

So what are you telling the world when you walk out there with puffy eyes, dark eye circles and those oh-so-dreaded eye bags? You’re not even that tired. You’ve probably even had a good night’s sleep. That doesn’t stop your colleagues from asking if you’re feeling okay today, or your boss from thinking if you’ve been out late, indulging in something disreputable that definitely might interfere with your ability to justify what he’s paying you.

You know you look tired, drained and haggard. And you’re sick of hearing about it. If only there was a way to fix it (without surgery, of course).

Here’s a little help on eye bag removal.



Growing older causes tissues around the eyes to weaken and ultimately, sag. This allows fat to shift and deposit into the lower eyelids, causing the swollen look under the eyes. Fluids can also collect in this area and add to the puffiness. Genetics will play a big part in how much excess fat, excess skin and ageing will affect the skin around the eyes.

Lifestyle and other external factors will also contribute to eye bags, such as:

– Smoking tobacco

– Inadequate sleep

– Allergies

– Fluid retention (typically observed after waking up, or after eating a salty meal)



The suitability of treatment for you will depend on the severity of your eye bags. Below we discuss lightly on how to remove eye bag(s) according to severity.

From mild to moderate conditions, you may opt for a non-surgical procedure such as Eye Revo by Dr Lee Mun Heng at Cambridge Therapeutics. The downtime for this procedure is little to none.

For severe conditions, traditional eye bag removal surgery is still more effective. During the surgery, excess fat and excess skin around the eye will be carefully removed by qualified plastic surgeons. Eye bag surgery does present its own share of downsides though — such as anaesthesia risk, longer recovery process and downtime and higher cost.



Performed by Dr Lee Mun Heng, the Eye Revo uses a round-tipped micro needle to apply radiofrequency (RF) to precise locations of fat deposits in the area surrounding the eye as the removal procedure. Poly-L-lactic acid is also injected simultaneously, which stimulates collagen production in the eye area, resulting in a tightening and firming of the tissues around the eye.

This treatment is typically used for the under eye area where eye bags are the most pronounced but has also been used on the upper eyelid region to address skin laxity. Fat deposits on the upper eyelids as we grow older, and can result in upper eyelids droopy or saggy eyelids, making the eyes appear smaller overall.

The technique for Eye Revo was invented in Korea, the holy land of plastic surgeons and everything aesthetic. It reduces the appearance of mild to moderate eye bags and wrinkles without undergoing eye bag removal surgery. If you’re looking to do this in Singapore, only a select few clinics provide this procedure. Dr Lee Mun Heng, medical founder of Cambridge Medical Group — trained in this technique in Korea, and is the first Singaporean doctor to perform this eye bag removal procedure.


How is Cambridge Medical’s Eye Bag Removal performed?

The treatment area is first identified and carefully marked by Dr Lee Mun Heng. It takes a physician of both experience and skill to create a healthy, natural and symmetrical look.


1 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group ConsultatonEye bag area is marked

Topical anaesthetic cream is then applied to the area surrounding the eye, followed by local anaesthesia injections to numb the marked area.


2 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group NumbingTopical Numbing

Step 1: Skin Tightening by W needle


3 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group Skin Tightening

4 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group ProcedureEye bag is reduced using mosquito Needle


Step 2: Orbital septum & Melting of Infraorbital fat by F needle

5 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group Melt Fats
The AGNES RF needles are then used to introduce RF energy to the of your under eye skin and under eye bags at different depths.


6 Agnes Eye Revo Dr Lee Mun Heng Cambridge Medical Group Procedure


This leads to two important effects:

– Fat melting in the targeted region
– Stimulation of collagen production

Swelling in the skin is then controlled by placing ice packs on the treatment area. The treatment procedure is then concluded at this point.



Pain can be a major consideration when deciding whether to undergo a procedure. An upside of the AGNES Eye Revo Eye Bag Removal Treatment is that there is minimal discomfort involved. This low level of discomfort is further reduced by the usage of anaesthesia for the treatment. For those with a low threshold for pain, this treatment has been described to feel like ‘mosquito stings’.


Since the AGNES Eye Revo Eye Bag Removal Treatment does not involve any incisions in the skin of any kind, there is absolutely no scarring involved; unlike a surgical eye bag removal procedure.

The removal procedure uses a thin, tube-shaped needle (known as a cannula) to introduce RF energy and the injectables. This allows minimal damage to the skin and greatly reduces the risk of damage to blood vessels in the area, also ensuring greater safety overall.



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