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The very identity of a woman is closely tied to her bosom. The size, shape and the very fact that they are part of the body the woman is born with will shape her confidence, self image and aesthetics. It is widely recognized by psychologists as the leading external identification of feminity, and that’s why when a woman’s body goes through transformation (like pregnancy, for example), it can lead to various concerns about her own attractiveness.

Here, we discuss a briefly about what happens to a woman’s breasts after pregnancy, and how we can better these concerns.


– Breast size change

– Sagging may be observed

– Enlargement of nipple and/or areola


After childbirth, the hormones levels of estrogen and progesterone drop. Another hormone responsible for lactation (prolactin), increases. This increases blood flow to breasts and starts milk production, causing the breasts to become engorged. This subsides as the mother breastfeeds her child.

Repeated changes to breast size from milk production and feeding, this may eventually result in a change in the mother’s breast area – growing larger or smaller by even a full cup size. If the mother had experienced significant breast enlargement during and after her pregnancy, it may result in sagging after the child is born. This can also happen when the ladies choose embark on a weight loss programme after childbirth. The lost weight may also reduce breast tissue in their bosom, coupled with the excess skin in the bosom during pregnancy due to enlargement from milk production, sagging may inevitably occur if the weight is lost too fast.


There are 3 possible procedures plastic surgeons use for patients and mothers who feel their confidence or identities are affected by the postpartum changes in their bosom.

Breast Surgery Singapore – Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Also known as mastopexy breast surgery, this procedure is usually done when a woman wishes to address the sagging or loss of volume in her breasts after breastfeeding. A plastic surgeon would use the mastopexy procedure to help with sagging breasts permanently, but may require breast augmentation to be done concurrently should the mother wish address a loss in breast volume or restore breast shape.

Breast Enlargement in Singapore – Breast Implants

A breast augmentation procedure using breast implants can help patients and mothers who have experienced a loss in volume to regain the previous bosom size, or just a little bigger. This is suitable for patients with healthy and elastic skin and wish to augment their breasts to enhance their fullness. A mastopexy breast surgery is paired here to adjust the position of the patient’s breasts.

Breast Augmentation Procedure (Fat Transfer)

A breast augmentation using the fat transfer technique is done when a patient wishes to transfer fat from herself to her breasts. This technique is commonly paired when the patient has already planned on having liposuction done on her abdomen (or other parts of the body), since the extracted fat from liposuction would be discarded.

For those interested in finding out more about breast augmentation, we have a video transcript of the experience of one such mother who experienced loss in volume after childbirth.






A breast lift is ideal for women who have noticed saggy breasts after pregnancy and childbirth.

Vanny Telly Breast Lift Review

Vanessa: Hi! My name is Vanessa and I’m self employed.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Before Pictures 2Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Before Pictures

Vanessa: After breastfeeding both my children, my breasts actually went down from already a small size to even smaller. Getting a breast augmentation for me is to regain fullness again in my size, so that I can gain confidence in wearing clothes nicely again. How I actually came to know about Allure Plastic Surgery is that I was looking on the website for a place in Singapore to get my surgery done.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Consultation with Dr Samuel Ho Allure Plastic Surgery

So I stumbled across their website and I found something I really like about Dr Ho’s motto; in which he wanted to help mommies after birth do their mommy makeover, which is something very much in line with how I feel and what I actually want to achieve.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Pre-Operation Dr Samuel Ho Allure Plastic Surgery

So, I decided to take leave and come over for a makeover done here.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Pre-Operation Dr Samuel Ho Allure Plastic Surgery 2

Vanessa: Okay, this is it. Move in already. See you guys again when I’m better and recovered. Bye!



Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery 1 Month Post-Operation Review

Vanessa: Hi, I’m here today for my 1-month post-op review.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery After Pictures 2

Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery After Pictures

Vanessa: I feel great about myself, I feel a lot more confident in term of when I’m wearing clothes. I feel very free, easy and confident when I do not have to wear so much push-up bras or anything like that.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery After Pictures 3

So overall, I feel great about myself and my body; my new-found assets. And, I do feel that this is the thing I’m the happiest about now.
Frankly speaking, the surgery is definitely a lot easier and better in terms of recovery than expected.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery After Pictures 4

It is definitely a good procedure for postpartum mommies to regain their confidence after childbirth and breastfeeding.


Vanessa Breast Lift Surgery Before After Pictures 5
Before and After: Day 10 Post-op

Apart from the physical changes that can be clearly seen in her before and after photos, there were several mentions to how much happier and how much more confident she felt after her breast augmentation procedure. And I’m sure we can all agree, a woman is at her most attractive when she happy with herself. For all the friends out there considering breast augmentation, I hope sharing this experience has helped!

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