3 Jpglicious After Breast Augmentation at Allure Plastic Surgery Dr Samuel Ho

For a woman, having breasts goes way beyond the physical aspect and silhouette of her body. Apart from how she looks, their presence affects the way she thinks and feels about herself, forming part of her confidence in her own looks, eventually working its way into her self esteem and overall identity.

While we know that personal appearance is not, and should not form the basis for any person’s self esteem and identity, sudden changes to your body can seriously affect the way you see yourself. While in positive cases, some adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise and eventually change their bodies to look better and feel better, illness and neglect can cause changes to your appearance that may affect the way you see yourself.

Dr Samuel Ho from Allure Plastic Surgery is the man that can help with that.

Such is the case for one such blogger, @jpglicious, pictured below.

1 Jpglicious Before Breast Augmentation at Allure Plastic Surgery Dr Samuel Ho before breast Implants

Following her journey, she was a person that at a younger age (puberty) i quote, “didn’t have the right nutrients” and was primarily concerned with staying slim throughout her teens and twenties. The decision to go for breast Implants surgery, however, took her a good 10 years.

Growing up as a girl, @jpglicious eventually came to be more conscious of her chest size, a generous ‘B’ cup earlier on. A little help from push-up bras here and there, and she would look great. Only after she started dating, worries of what her partner would think if he found out about her generous usage of push-up bras and padding, led her to explore more ways of enhancing her bust size.

Quite the adventurous and creative individual, @jpglicious did try quite an impressive array of breast enhancement products. Be it buying breast enhancing creams to eating breast enhancing cookies from Japan, going for breast massages to drinking tons of papaya milk, she has did it all. Apparently some of it did work and made her breasts seem fuller.

Though there seemed to be some effect, it just didn’t give her the results she needed to stay assured about these food courses and treatments. Not one to give up, she went on to explore different methods of enhancing bust size, eventually coming to learn about invasive methods of breast Implants. It might have seemed like the most reliable way to increase her chest size, but many realistic factors regarding her job, considerations to have her boob job overseas and affordability forced the plan to be shelved for the time being.

That is, until she fell ill in 2017. Her weight plummeted. Her chest size dipped from the original big ‘B ‘ cup to a small ‘A’. This change led to massive changes in her view of herself, and ravaged her self confidence. After noticing a reliance of relying on silicon stick-on pads and more push-up bras to hide her shrinking chest, she took a friend’s recommendation to see Dr Samuel Ho at Allure Plastic Surgery.



Breast Implants is surgery to increase breast size. Implants are surgically placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles to add to the size of the breast.



There are 2 commonly used types of breast implants:
• Medical Grade Silicon Gel
• Saline (Salt Water)

Deciding which type of implant to use depends on the end result you wish to obtain. Medical Grade Silicon Gel implants were used with @jpglicious’ breast Implants procedure because she feels those have a more natural feel and behaviour as compared to the saline implants. As always, what fits one person may not be the best choice for another. It is always best to discuss the best choice for yourself with the medical practitioner you are consulting with.



Read as much as you can. There’s a ton of information online to help you with your decision on what procedure to do. A particularly useful source of information is the patient information from the implant manufacturers.

Consulting the doctor that will be performing your surgery is definitely a must, to communicate clearly your expectations and allowing the doctor to advise accordingly. Keep a list of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask until your concerns are satisfied.

Certain types of medication can interfere with the surgery, such as blood thinners will have to be stopped for at least 2 weeks. Supplements such as multivitamins will also require a 2 week break. Should you be a smoker, you’ll have to stop smoking 6 weeks prior.



Recovery time before you can resume light activities differs from person to person, but a general gauge is about 1-2 weeks. Your breasts will experience swelling and soreness for several days post surgery.

Light/limited activity will have to persist for several weeks. By around the 6th week, you should be able to resume normal activities.
Light activity generally refers to lifting of heavy weights. Activities such as strenuous exercise and those that require you to lift arms above shoulder height should be avoided. It is also generally advised to avoid sports bras.



The tone of the writing really brought forth @jpglicious’ change of mood and exudes a new hope for herself post surgery. I think Dr Samuel Ho also did a great job advising her and putting her mind at ease. The finished result is great. Besides looking great right now, it’s always good to hear a story how somebody put in effort into changing herself for the better. This brings the best beauty out of body and mind.


Before picture taken just before surgery


3 Jpglicious After Breast Augmentation at Allure Plastic Surgery Dr Samuel Ho
After picture

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