Can Yoga Heal Acne?

Yoga is a mind and body practice that encompasses several different physical, mental and spiritual techniques and disciplines. It is known to be a stress and/or anxiety reliever and is deeply rooted in multiple religions.

Various yoga disciplines include physical postures, meditation, and relaxation. This peaceful practice originated in ancient India and is now considered a “staple” in many countries and societies because of how it marries the mind and body in perfect synchronisation.

Apart from building your muscle strength and flexibility, yoga helps to greatly reduce acne breakouts and pesky pimples. It is also important to bear in mind that acne can be caused by stress, an unhealthy diet, dirt, pollution, and genetics.

Botox or Fillers? – Which is for you?

The past decade has seen the rise in popularity of injectables. It has become synonymous with the new trend of treatments. Yes, you heard me right! Tweakments: small non-surgical procedures that help you achieve their aesthetic goal. They are popular among both first-timers trying to dip their toes into the field of aesthetic medicine and seasoned veterans well versed with the ins and out of a grand multitude of procedures.

While I do agree that the widespread acceptance of aesthetic procedures has given rise to a wider market that can better cater to the needs of everyone, it does make the words of beauty that much more confusing to navigate. I don’t blame you, even I can’t keep up with the seemingly endless options that seemingly crop up of nowhere. So, I embarked on a journey into the world of injectables to better understand what exactly they do for you….

Spa Day when you #StayHome

Everyone is either being encouraged to or mandated to stay home during this period where COVID-19 is running rampant. This means having to be socially responsible and reducing the number of visits to the spas and beauty centres. However, this does not mean you cannot take care of yourself right in the comforts of your own home. What better time to pamper yourself to a few easy at-home spa treatments!

List of Premium Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

The rise in affluence and a growing ageing population had birthed an ever-growing beauty industry offering premier services to keep patients looking youthful and flawless. With the deluge of choices, it can be difficult to decide on whom to go to for aesthetic care. The first step would be to understand the difference between Aesthetic clinics and Medical Spas.

3 Jpglicious After Breast Augmentation at Allure Plastic Surgery Dr Samuel Ho

Dr Samuel Ho Breast Implant Surgery Review – @Jpglicious

For a woman, having breasts goes way beyond the physical aspect and silhouette of her body. Apart from how she looks, their presence affects the way she thinks and feels about herself, forming part of her confidence in her own looks, eventually working its way into her self esteem and overall identity.

Charlane Yu Double Eyelid Surgery Journey

Dr Samuel Ho Review (Charlane Yu’s Double Eyelids at Allure Plastic Surgery)

“Wish I was born with double eyelids.”

You hear this a lot after a group picture and the ladies start the routine check for social media acceptability in photos taken. Well, you’re not alone in this quest to solve the monolid problem. If you’re reading past this point, you’re probably already sick and tired of all the eyelid tape and other artificial means of creating that much vaunted double eyelids for yourself. Perhaps you’re not quite ready, but it couldn’t hurt to find out more about solutions of a more permanent nature. Read on to find out a little more on what exactly goes into creating that double eyelid look for yourself.

This post covers an Instagram story of makeup artist @charlane_yu of her experience with double eyelid surgery.


Statistically, about half the people in Asia have double eyelids. There is nothing medically wrong if you have either single or double eyelids. The skin folds on the upper eyelid due to the way the muscle responsible for the of opening the eyelids attaches to the skin. In persons where this attachment is weak or not present, the crease does not appear.

Still, having double eyelids is seen as aesthetically pleasing, double eyelid surgery is the most common form of surgery in Asia. Apart from purely aesthetic reason, there may be a few other reasons why a person would undergo eyelid surgery. These include:

  • Poorly formed eyelids that hinder vision
  • Only one of your eyes has a double eyelid


Should you already be considering double eyelid surgery, there are a few questions that are important for you to answer when you have that first consult with your plastic surgeon. Here’s a list to give you a good idea, be honest with yourself!

  • your own expectations of how you would like the end result to be
  • any conditions that affect your eyes/eyelids, or the area around the eye should be noted down
  • your medical history, especially if you require ongoing medication and if you have any allergies.
  • the type of surgery you would prefer (incisional or non-incisional)
  • preference of type of anaesthesia used during your procedure
  • recovery downtime, arrangements for post-operative transport from the hospital, and risks of the procedure you would like to clarify on

There are 2 types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore that are commonly used by surgeons to create those highly sought eyelid creases. Both deal with techniques that manipulate the eyelid skin (more specifically, the upper eyelid) to create the eyelid fold for persons with single eyelids.


Here we list the types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore. Both methods have the pros and cons, and will highly depend on the type of upper eyelids you have. Other factors that surgeons consider for the best fit are existing medical conditions, thickness of eyelid skin and whether there is fat on the upper eyelids. Both methods also have differing amounts of recovery time, so bear this in mind as you schedule your upcoming activities.

Incisional Technique:

This technique involves having the surgeon first mark out the crease line on the upper eyelid with a pen. The markings denote the areas planned for the surgeon to make incisions and skin removals along the the upper eyelid at the double eyelid line. Some fat and muscle will also be removed during the procedure.

Sometimes, the surgeon also includes procedures to correct other eyelid deformities, such as excess skin, fat or droopy eyelids during the surgery. It is important to note that the incisional technique double eyelid surgery is non-reversible.

Non-Incisional Technique:

In this type of procedure, the surgeon creates the double eyelid crease without using incisions. Instead, the planned area for the double eyelid is first carefully marked and planned. After numbing the area with local anaesthesia and IV sedation, punctures are strategically made along the marked areas. Sutures are then carefully placed through the puncture holes and pulled tight. There are several techniques when it comes to the placement of sutures, and your plastic surgeon will be better explain the exact technique used in creating your eyelid crease.

The sutures method typically do not need to be removed once your eyelid fold heals from the surgery, and has a significantly lower downtime than with the incisional method. However, if you require excess skin and fat removed from your eyelids, or other sorts of adjustments to the skin around the eye area, the incisional method may still be a better fit for you. Consult closely and candidly with your surgeon to find out which method will be the best fit for you.